About us

Designer’s Mint is a multidisciplinary creative office, which aims to connect areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Equipment.
While creatives, we contribute to changing mentalities, quality of life and they are our premises so each project is seen as unique and unrepeatable, in perspectives never before explored in a creative thinking outside the preconceived canons.
The creative office is characterized by full respect and interest in noble materials, while respecting its nature and characteristics that are unique.
The new lifestyles, needs, tradition, culture and traditional techniques are the sources of inspiration for the creative process and development.


Our team is made by architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers, and marketeers.
All these areas work together in order to achieve a common goal: the satisfaction of our clients.

Our team is:

Motivating: we work motivated in a perfect harmony and identification with each project;

Specialists: our team brings expert knowledge to the creative office and we implement in the projects;

Completers-Finishers: focuses on completing tasks;

Planners: we generate ideas and creative solutions for each client;

Openness: we are open to new ideas and diverse viewpoints. We listen the clients and elicit their ideas. We know how to balance the need for cohesion within a client with the need for individual expression;

Trust: we have a sense of mutual trust develops only to the extent that everyone is willing to self-disclose to act correctly;

Support: we always support all the projects that we develop, finding the best solutions to our clients.

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